Why Performance Blockers and Triggers Can Take You to the Next Level

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The Impact of Blockers on Performance

We all have blockers that hold us back from peak performance. Blockers are limiting factors that obstruct progress, drain motivation, and prevent us from achieving our full potential. They manifest in many forms, such as self-doubt, distractions, procrastination, and negative thinking. Blockers essentially prevent you from being your best.

Blockers negatively impact performance by disrupting focus, decreasing productivity, and undermining motivation. They can make it challenging to apply yourself or fully accomplish meaningful work. Blockers also obstruct goal achievement by preventing you from taking the necessary steps. Even small blockers can have an outsized impact on results. Identifying and removing blockers is key to optimising performance.

Identifying Your Blockers

We all have blockers that hold us back from peak performance, but they can be difficult to spot. The first step is increasing your self-awareness to identify potential blockers.

The most insidious blockers tend to be small and easy to rationalise away. You can identify problematic patterns and address the root causes by developing self-awareness and being proactive. Eliminating even seemingly minor blockers can have an outsized impact on achieving your peak potential.

Eliminating Blockers for Better Performance

We all have blockers that hold us back from peak performance. The key is identifying those blockers and taking action to eliminate them. Often, our blockers are within our control, and we can change them if we make the effort.

The Power of Performance Triggers

We all have certain triggers that can ignite our motivation and boost our performance. Performance triggers are stimuli that flip a switch in our brains, spurring us to higher levels of productivity, focus, and achievement. Identifying and activating your unique triggers is key to optimising your potential.

Triggers work by stimulating the reward centres in our brains that make us feel good about accomplishing something meaningful. Even small triggers release dopamine and other chemicals that get us into a focused, motivated flow state. For example, checking off items on your to-do list can provide little hits of satisfaction that propel you forward. Having an accountability partner who checks in on your progress taps into our innate desire for social approval. Setting up visual reminders of your goals constantly reorients your brain towards success.


Take some time to experiment with potential triggers and find what works best to unleash your motivation. The right triggers will get you into flow, help you overcome inertia, and drive higher levels of achievement. By fine-tuning your performance triggers, you can consistently bring your A-game.

It’s the Little Things That Make a Big Difference

We often think that achieving peak performance requires monumental changes or superhuman effort. But the reality is that small adjustments can have an outsized impact over time. Both performance blockers and triggers are frequently little things that seem insignificant in isolation. However, their cumulative effects compound to either hinder or optimise your potential.

Seeking peak performance is an ongoing journey of incremental progress through enhancing triggers and reducing blockers. Sweating the small stuff establishes an environment where you can thrive and actualise your full potential. Tiny tweaks lead to tremendous transformations.

The path to peak performance

The path to peak performance is not a straight line. It winds and bends as you learn and grow. With a mindset of flexibility, you can navigate the twists and turns. Lean into the process of regularly reviewing and refining your triggers and blockers. This will keep you performing at your personal best time and time again.

Optimised performance means showing up as your best self each day – focused, motivated, resilient and equipped to seize opportunities. You have clarity on your strengths and purpose. Your mind and body work in harmony to help you actualise your potential. Each achievement unlocks greater confidence to dream bigger.

Don’t settle for mediocrity when excellence is within reach. Take control of your performance journey. Identify blockers holding you back and work to eliminate them. Strengthen triggers to unlock your full capabilities. With consistent fine-tuning, you can remove friction and shift into flow. You become an unstoppable force of positivity and production. The path to peak performance starts with a single step – take action now to elevate your game.

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