It’s unified people who empower your business to fly

The performance agency who unleash team performance to drive your commercial success

The performance agency who unleash team performance to drive your commercial success

Elite team performance
applied for business impact

Teams that Drive business growth

We give your team the tools needed to create sustained commercial impact that grows your business.

teams that action your businesses ambition

We help you foster an environment that champions risk taking, and challenging ideas that take your business to the next level.

Teams that perform at their peak

We Teach business skills that improve individual and team performance.

Teams that have a collective spirit

We create Motivated, confident and engaged teams, allowing them to perform at their collective best.

Teams that connect meaningfully with your customers

Teaching your team how to communicate and build deeper relationship with your customers that lead to commercial impact.

business performance backed by specialisms in elite team sport and psychology

But, Who are a-game?

Ash Garratt
A-Game Founder

Ash’s fire for Performance and Coaching kindled during 7+ years in Elite Team Sports with England & GB Hockey.

Add 15+ years wrangling commercial teams for colossal global brands. And top it off with 8+ years as an Executive Coach and Organisational Performance Consultant, crafting Learning Solutions for Clients across the globe.

Ash is here to spark the fire in your businesses performance.

Mark Hopkins
Managing Partner

Mark’s forte? Elite Sports, Performance Coaching & Consulting.

He’s coached at a World Cup and Commonwealth Games, rocked a global talent program for a mammoth insurance group, started three consulting companies across the same amount of continents, and faced down thousands in speeches.

With a mountain of experience and passion under one banner, he’s ready to share the wealth with Clients & learners worldwide.

"A-Game know how to get a team to see and believe in a common vision."

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